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Erasmus + supports training activities, assignments and professional development abroad for school and VET education, adult education and YOUTH sectors. These opportunities could consist of courses and trainings, job shadowing at relevant organizations.


School principals/ management teams/ teachers/ school advisors/ resource teachers/ pedagogical advisors

  1. Digital preparedness for students with disabilities
  2. Digital tools for creating digital content
  3. Digital design for digital environment
  4. Management models for distance learning
  5. Model of online communication
  6. Teach-D: Teaching in Diversity
  7. Green education for the Z-generation
  8. Digital tools for Science and Math
  9. Dyslexia and Language Teaching
  10. Practical classroom for boosting teacher energy
  11. Developing self-expression communication and social skills for interacting with students
  12. Neuroscience: Become a young scientist
    Educational audiovisuals in the classroom
  13. Socioemotional literacy for teachers


VET trainers and educators; VET teachers; VET providers, VET students

  1. Computer games in education: game-based learning techniques
  2. Digital crafts: learn web development, UX design & cybersecurity
  3. VR-intelligence games
  4. Fashion design
  5. Neuroscience: become a young scientist


Educators/ trainers/ SMEs’ managers and supervisors/ self-entrepreneurs/ freelancers

  1. Local crafts in Sofia and Plovdiv
  2. Digital crafts: learn web Development, UX design & cybersecurity
  3. Train the trainers ” Life skills for NEETs”
  4. Elderly care


Youth educators/ workers/ youth counselors and consultants, youths

  1. E-coach: raising young people’s awareness in terms of modern societies
  2. Train the trainers“ Life skills for inactive youths”
  3. Teach-D: Teaching in Diversity
  4. How to integrate refugees into the classroom
  5. Arts inclusion of migrants and disadvantaged individuals
  6. Teachers: Coaches in all areas of life
  7. Development of stress-relief and well-being strategies for teachers
  8. The EU Democratic Framework: teaching citizen rights and duties
  9. Socioemotional literacy for youth
  10. Digital safety and wellness for youth

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