Финансирано от Европейския съюз. Изразените възгледи и мнения обаче принадлежат изцяло на техния(ите) автор(и) и не отразяват непременно възгледите и мненията на Европейския съюз или на Европейската изпълнителна агенция за образование и култура (EACEA). За тях не носи отговорност нито Европейският съюз, нито EACEA.

Valueme is an educational training centre that specializes in content creation and effective application of pedagogy through technology essential for inclusive and competence building contemporary education in blended and distance learning. As the name suggests, Valueme aims to create value and contribute to the development, management and sustainability of European educational projects by which it can reach and touch the lives of a wider target audience by equipping them with up-to-date digital competences, content and problem-solving skills. Our purpose is to support & spread innovation in the field of digital transformation through the creation of new education methods, digital content, outcomes; also to provide help for inspiration and to apply innovative ideas.

 Valueme is a young and enthusiastic organization run by professionals and experts who passionately search for and work on local and international projects to build up better organizational and personal capacity, to share experiences and support the implementation of educational advances and innovations. Valueme creates and participates in projects building upon its rich expertise in transforming traditional teaching and learning into a digital environment through practices and open innovative pedagogies for students and adults. 

   Valueme helps individuals reach their learning goals and pursue their future dreams for a successful outreach. With access to online learning resources and trainings, learners can gain skills and transform their lives in meaningful ways. Valueme runs local training courses for learners wishing to gain digital competences and media literacy set of skills. Additionally, providing support for teachers on how to teach effectively through current technologies is one of the main working directions of the organization. We strive to improve the quality of educational activities in a real and electronic environment through the introduction of innovative teaching practices and approaches.

   Valueme envisages a possibly equal-opportunity future for the receivers of face-to-face or online non-formal, informal and formal education. We work hard to build an online hub where students and adults can learn and practice the use of innovative educational technology in generating new solutions and solving problems.

Valueme mostly cooperates with educational training centres, non-formal education providers, research institutions, universities, NGOs and vocational institutions in Bulgaria and countries in Europe. Senior teachers, researchers, professors and experienced practitioners work as advisors and consultants. The organization cooperates with schools and teachers giving them support and training about various digital tools and credible resources.

Through the provision of digital educational products and services, Valueme looks for further cooperation to contribute to the sustainable learning outcomes for individuals and institutions.

Valueme’s main areas of interest and activities:

– Promote effective dialogue and cooperation in the fields of education, training, youth, life-long learning, global education, career guidance, sustainable development, employment, entrepreneurship and social affairs;

– Promote concrete tools and initiatives to support pedagogical specialists in their pathway for building digital readiness and deployment;

– Create a curriculum to improve digital literacy in education through distance learning and remote work.

– Promote training methods and techniques for quality teaching (including all spheres of education such as open and distance learning, (non)formal education and on the job training);

– Development of a methodology for teaching and training courses that will contribute to achieving better educational outcomes and might compensate deficits in the e-learning environment.

– Promote communication, cooperation and sharing of experiences with other organizations, at national and European level.

– Take part in and promote issues of European studies and international relations.

– Promote research in all topics of interest of the organization.

– Support trainers, teachers and youth workers with ready lessons plans and curricula for illustrating the learning content and apply practical orientation in the learning process.

– Provide better outreach for the disadvantaged people with fewer opportunities and young people residing in both rural and urban areas of the country so they can have equal opportunities and access to education.

As a hosting/intermediary organization, in the context of Erasmus+ mobility projects, Valueme has

the role of trainer and hosting organization, offering opportunities for incoming trainees, students,

young people, as well as for professors, teachers, trainers and other education staff. Valueme organizes professional visits to companies in different sectors notably in IT, Tourism and Education to offer work placements and internships at the highest level of quality.